Design Doc

The design Doc should contain a list and description of all content that needs to be created for this project.

Voice Actors

Sound Effects

Sites: Soundsnap, Magnatune, Sounddogs

USB Mic Blue Snowball


This will be a list of the models and their characteristics. This will also have design art to go with the description. The description will come before the art. The description will contain the time period of the model, the age of the model, the style of the model, if it is a person; describe their moods, their personality, their gender, anything that can help create the person. Describe the textures or reference sample images for each model. Also, include the final off angle art along with orthos of the model.


List all of the models that will need rigs. Describe the articulation that the rig needs to perform.


A description with a quick sketch of what each set will look like. More than likely the concept art will capture the set look. But iterations to refinement will be needed and the final should be here.


This is a list of animations that will occur. i.e. actor is going to be walking, sitting, and juggling chainsaws.


Take each scene and describe the lighting settings for the scene. i.e. outdoor/indoor with lamps and a ceiling light. Also, the link under the cameras heading outlines types of lighting.



Describe the movements of the cameras and how many cameras there will be.


Describe the level of quality this film is shooting for. Also, list how many layers it may need.


List any effects or tweaks that will be required for this step. This may need to be broken out into it's own process.

Final Cut

List the output format that the film will be released in.

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