Test Form

This is a general for to be taylored for each requirment.

Each test criteria includes the following relevant information so the tester can best understand how to conduct the test:

  • Criteria Type: Tells you if the criteria are tested with the game or the server.
  • Criteria ID: Serves as the reference ID for the criterion and will be used in all test documentation.
  • Test Type: Indicates whether the test is manual or automatic. A manual test requires manual input using the device and the test application. An automatic test requires no input from the tester at all.
  • Requirement Description: Explains the criterion using the wording directly from the design document
  • Test Procedure: Provides detailed logical steps to follow for each criterion in order to meet the requirements of the Requirement Description.
  • Expected Result: Describes how the application should behave in order to pass the criterion and meet the requirements given in the Requirement Description.
  • Notes: Includes any additional information the developer may need to understand the criterion.
  • Exceptions: Lists any circumstances under which the criterion would be considered passed without the software or hardware meeting the full requirements of the individual criterion as written.
  • Result: Classifies the outcome as either Pass or Fail depending on the observed behavior.
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