Teacher's Guide

  • this applies to every student, every teacher, every subject, every grade.
  • what are your goals?
    • If they don't have any goals. Ask for a smaller goal
    • At the simplest, give them a goal
    • Try every sport
    • Read a couple of books
    • Watch a couple of educational shows
    • Hang out with such and such as they work
    • obviously, the 3 main subjects are set goals, only thing different from normal schools is that it's at the pace of the student not the class and not the teacher.
  • What is your progress on your goals?
  • How can I help you achieve your goals?
  • Try and talk to each student everyday about their progress.
  • at a minimum, you should touch base on this with every student each week.
    • Some students will need less guidance, while others will need constant guidance.
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