math curriculum

  • numbers
  • counting
  • fractions
  • add numbers
  • subtract numbers
  • add/subtract fractions
  • multiplication of numbers
  • division of numbers
  • multiply/divide fractions
  • algebra
  • geometry
  • what is the purpose of a bank
  • what is a check book
  • what is a debit card
  • what is a loan
  • what is a credit card
  • what is a mortgage
  • Good Debt and Bad Debt
    • Good debt makes you money
    • bad debt just costs you money
  • what are investments
  • what is financial management
  • how to manage a budget
    • 70% to bills
    • 20% to investing
    • 10% to leasure
  • what type of investments are there, 401k, roth ira, etc
    • The economic machine
    • Democrats demand side economy - government jobs, stimulus checks, UBI, this causes the price of things to rise, apple costs $2, inflation
    • Republicans supply side economy - tax breaks for business, less government regulation (cheaper for businesses), This causes the price of things to fall. apple costs 50cents, deflation
    • the wage gap is directly tied to inflation. as inflation goes up the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. As inflation goes down, deflation, the poor get rich and the rich get poor.
    • Libertarians government stays out of the economy, there's apples that cost $2 and apples that cost 50cent. you chose.
    • democrat and republican policies attempt to smooth out the ups and downs fo the market. Libertarian polices will cause your market to have large swings but it will advance faster to a better state. Because in controlled economies the government helps out failed business models while libertarian economies will destroy failed business models.
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