This is probably best presented around 8th to 9th grade students K through 8th should be focused on local history and local culture. Take the kids on field trips to explore the local society.

Local history should be about, why the town was founded. Who founded it. What principals was the town founded on. What historical events caused the town to grow. What industries are currently popular in the town. What cultural events still take place in the town.

Or from 6th grade on. Present 1 hour at the beginning of the week and for the reset of the week, discuss, debate, and explore what was watched on monday.

Allow the kids to pursue the content on their own. Check in and see how they are making progress. “Tell me about what you watched”

Remember, there are no grades or tests. They only need an overall understanding. The goal is to present the world to them so they understand how broad and wide and diverse the world truly is.

As you watch the below, take notes on the things that stand out to you. And explain what you take away from all of this. What's the over arching theme or lessons to be learned

  • Aristotle on government
  • Gracchi Brothers (Communist)
  • Judaih
  • Rome (While it's a good start to finish history, she focuses too much on “immigration” claiming that conquering another nation and granting them citizenship is somehow “immigration” and claiming that they “built a wall” as to why Rome fell. She's just pushing the political nonsense of the current day politics. Rome fell, by her own description that they grew too big and sub divided the nation where the sub rulers over threw the control of Rome. Also, this video can stand to be broken up into 3 parts)
  • Sun Zu
  • The dark ages was driven by rulers no longer building great cities. They left peasants to fend for themselves. While the rulers built castles.
  • Middle ages (Not great video, sometimes repeats itself, but the only one that talks about the capture of spain)
  • ordinary people, just can't stay away from war. Even this starts telling war stories instead of every day life.
  • Prussia/Russia
  • Maslow's hierarchy of needs
  • Reformation
  • Linden Johnson
  • Fleming
  • This doesn't capture ww2 all that well, but it does have a clip explaining the economic collapse that lead to the great depression
  • The great Depression
  • Vietnam
  • While this video gives interesting context, the news reporter lies towards the end then states that they are unsure of what happened contradicting his lie.
  • The whole war, no simple summary, this is just an air assaults' conversation. While it covers the war from beginning to end it just of air assault. The closer to the present the more random and specific they cover events.
  • North Korean War
  • Primacy of consciousness, undermining your confidence in reality
  • Primacy of existence
  • What is scientific debate
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