Goals and Accomplishments

  • what do you want to achieve?
    • this can be anything from doing the laundry all the way to going to the moon.
  • what are the hurdles to achieving that goal?
    • break this down until you can't make it smaller
    • for example:
      • grow grass
        • first you need land
          • how do I find land?
          • I need money to buy land
            • what do I need to do to get money
            • I need a job
              • apply for jobs
              • accept job offer
              • work everyday
              • save money
        • till the dirt
        • get seed
        • plant seed
        • water
          • set up a schedule for watering
  • what is the easiest thing you can accomplish?
  • at the end of the day, what progress have you made towards your goal?
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