• Democrats say “Climate change is bad, vote for us. We'll ban fertilizer”
  • Republicans respond saying “We want to eat. Banning fertilizer is bad”
  • In reality, Fertilizer run off is causing algae blooms. Ok, why didn't you just say that?
  • But Democrats still respond with “We need to ban fertilizer”
  • Maybe there is a better solution to this problem.
  • Perhaps capturing the water before it runs off to the rivers using a french drain type of setup.
  • Why do we have to go straight to “Ban this thing”
  • Maybe if you describe the problem instead of political propaganda, unique individuals can rise up with solutions

Political Action Committees

  • health insurance
  • pro 2nd amendment (GOA, FPC)
  • school choice
  • ranked choice voting
  • law firm
    • every case
    • one side takes the prosecutor
    • one side takes the defendant
    • work pro bono cases
    • work political issues
  • finance political candidates
    • candidates that want to solve problems
    • good values
    • good character
    • similar politics
    • freedom caucus?

Sole of the shoe

the ultimate solution for government: here

Starting Point

  • Hire a community outreach person
  • Seek to understand the community
  • seek to understand what issues are of concerned for the community
  • Seek to understand how best to resolve the issues
  • Focus on connecting other members in the community to resolve the issues
  • if there is no one in the community work with other communities to see if they can help
  • once a month have a community event
  • maybe once a month get 2 communities to share an event
  • this way neighboring communities can work out issues that cross community lines

Merge Up

  • if there are similar news stories at the community level
  • merge those up to a city level
  • if there are similar news stories across cities
  • merge those up to the state level
  • if there are similar news stories across states
  • merge those up to the nation level


  • Historical research
  • market research
  • community research


  • research
  • present findings
  • Provide context, not political biased opinion.
  • political news is community centric
  • all other news is separate and not political


  • each community has a [youtube] channel
  • each political position is debated and discussed on this channel
  • each political issue with the community is discussed
  • each community has a regularly scheduled Q&A
  • is this a news channel?


  • mentorship, not grades
  • Gender separate schools
    • it's currently run by women for women
    • need a male focus curriculum
    • merge them together, just after puberty
  • Practical knowledge. Why do I need to know this.
  • A teacher of that culture to represent each culture. To broaden people's understand of other cultures.


  • need them
  • need to be as skilled as the news people



  • mirror homeless
  • judge decides if it's an accident or not
    • if it's an accident, weak to no sentence
    • if its not, give the option to reform or full sentence
    • if they chose reform,
      • weekly psychology assessments
      • job training
      • this should help at most 30% of the prison pop
    • if they chose full sentence
      • they are labelled a career criminal and get the full sentence very time no parole
      • if someone chooses reform but the psychologist says there is no chance for reform
      • they become a career criminal
      • or if they reform but come back, career criminal
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