The World

A VR game that let's people create stuff. Create a place, create objects, create avatars. Then you can sell them to others on the marketplace. Travel to any place that you have purchased. Decorate your place with stuff you have bought. Change your avatar to look however you want.

  • blockchain (DLT) based technology
  • Use the blockchain key to encrypt, then their personal key to decrypt.
    • ? how does other users “see” the model you purchased.
    • How does skins work in current online games?
  • Marketplace for digital goods
  • Chat with friends
  • launch other applications/games right from The World
  • Creators can make locations, environments, or anything they can think of
  • Creators can give it away for free or sell it at any price they choose
  • Players can trade or sell any item they have bought
  • If an original item is open for modding then other players can add their own changes and resell the idea
    • this modded object will give some of the sale back to the original creator
  • the market place has a rating system of 5 stars and comments

Other names

  • fantasy island
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