This phase will result in a proposal for a game that will then need to be approved for development.


Game Proposal Document

This document will be the closing capture statement of the Concept Development Phase. Requires customer approval.


One to two paragraphs describing what the game is. This is created before the Proposal document. More of a “This is an Idea I have.”

High Concept

A one to two sentence statement that captures the idea of the game. The Vision Statement.

Target Market Segment Strategy

This is to identify what the underlying message will be and how it will be conveyed to the target market.

Game play

The genre the game falls in and how it departs from the norm.

There are three types of games. There is the story based, skill based, and the time waster type of game.

For the story based game. The story is the motivation to play the game. The story is engaging and continues to drive the gamer to continue to play the game. The gameplay in this type of game needs to be solid but not ground breaking. it also has to be enjoyable but not overly challenging.

For the skill based game. This game type focuses solely on the challenge of playing the game. The gameplay mechanic is paramount and has to continually push the gamer to get better at the core gameplay mechanic. The story for this game is not as important. But it should create some kind of continuity as to why we are playing/advancing through the game.

Finally, there is the casual play type of game. This game is easy on the mind. The skill to play is not difficult and the story is enough to carry the gamer forward through the game. The most important aspect of this game is to avoid boredom. This type of game is probably the most difficult to create. Because, the motivation behind such a game is to relax and take the gamers mind off the troubles in their lives. This game has to relax them without making them board.

On top of that, there is the genre itself. RTS, RPG, FPS, and Sim etc, as mentioned above.


Major selling points.

Target Market

The target audience for the game. Who will want to buy it. Also include some historical references of the genre selling to said audience. Benefits of this game from the customers perspective (I'm not sure on vagaries with this one).

Target Hardware Platform

Identify the target hardware. If it is to be the PC identify hardware requirements to play the game.

Estimated Schedule and Budget

These are rough estimates based on the technical and art lead's opinions.

Competitive Analysis

Try to give a brief analysis on other games in this genre and how they compare to the one being proposed.

The Team

If it is to be marketed internally then state the skill set needed to complete this project(no names).

If it is to be marketed commercially then state the team with resume like information.

Risk Analysis

Identify any potential risks in developing the game and describe ways of mitigating them. These are software development risks.


Reiterate why this is a great game and why this team of people are the ones to create it. Also state something about how the game will potentially be a great hit through market stats.

Concept Art

Add concept art as an attachment. If it has a place within the document. put it there.

Professional's Opinion

Another's Opinion

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