The Oracle

Create a system infrastructure that links all of the military bases together. For each base make an assessment to determine what capabilities the base has/needs. Then create software to manage all of it. There will be a central system that tracks all of the bases and all of the resources of said base. Also the intel that is gathered will be sent to the central system. This central system will organize and prioritize all the events within the military. The system will also respond to requests. Types of requests are like inventory items. The system will assess near by bases and see if that part is availible and will send out a request to the commander of that base then the command can respond to the request by passing an order to the person incharge of handling transport of items. Then the person that actually gets assigned the duty of transporting the item would get an order to deliver the item. All orders go through the system. That way the system can keep track of what's going on, i.e. update the database that the part is now at the other base.

At the high level something similar to Autodesk green building research would be used to display the priorities of all the events that are going on. This should be organized at the command levels. Then the commandars promote certain ones to be seen by the generals, etc.

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