World of Guilds


  • Use patreon to fund the server cost
  • Paypal?
  • Have a page/website dedicated to how many people can play per the donations
  • If you are paying you get prioritization when trying to log on.
  • EVE does in game currency to pay for game time or the player can pay cash for game time
    • game time is encoded as a number letter code that can be sold to someone else


  • Single/co-op story play through
  • Overworld - create your own story, i.e. eve online
    • questing, scavenging, farming, building, waring
  • Overworld - Something akin to animal crossing
  • Overworld - buy/sell/craft anything, closed loop economy
  • Standard MMORPG


  • Guild quest is taken
  • World of guilds is open
  • guildabran is another option


  • general to specialized
  • If you craft something it gives you skills across the board in related crafting
  • But if you continue to craft that something it starts specializing your ability
  • but the general skill peaks for the other items.
  • Spirit Guide, to give you guidance through the game.


  • weapons, spells, etc, are 1-weak, up to 5-strong
  • all attacks can be augmented.
  • Spells are cards, instead of scrolls. Some art that represents the spell and the description text that tells you what it does.
  • target lock


  • you can buy and sell anything in the game
  • you can craft anything in the game
  • need a closed loop economy
    • things can be created
    • things can be destroyed


  • weight, you can only carry so much
  • but you can get a cart, wagon, caravan
  • you have limited storage.
  • storage, yourself, backpack, cart, wagon, caravan, house, bank
  • everything can be stolen but a bank will be the hardest to steel from
  • repair stuff


  • scavenge - search wreckage for stuff. this wreckage could/should be dead players/npcs stuff.
  • attack npcs
  • traveling consumes energy. sleep, eat, restores
  • quests can be filled before getting a quest, for example. you run across a bandit, kill them, head to the nearest town and see a wanted poster for them
  • ctrl+b to bookmark location on a map…?
  • based on reputation - if low for a city, you can disguise and go un-noticed.

Town design

  • inner town is patrolled by knights that will keep bad people/animals away
  • outer town is farm/housing knights patrol but sometimes bad people/animals get in
  • just out of town is where bad people/animals may be higher is quantity. i.e. they hang out to caught people coming a going.
  • also this is a transition zone of vegetation from farm to nature.
  • towns will have a flag denoting faction owners, any town can be owned by any faction, except strong holds
  • towns will be captured by occupying a town same as BF2 capture points


Things to build

  • fence, stone wall, castle wall
  • backpack, kart, wagon,
  • shed, shack, house, village(town home)
  • town hall, keep, castle
  • catapult, trebuchet, ballista
  • ladder, siege tower
  • small boat, boat, ship, war ship
  • mill(food), forge(smith), (clothing)
    • these give a boost when crafting

Notes from eve

  • system is equivalent to town
  • each town has it's own auction house, which creates it's own market
  • traveling between towns cost resources, fuel, time, wear and tear, etc.
  • contracts, one player requests services of another player.
    • contract to request help, help can be from other players or NPCs
    • this help is for defense or faster mining/gathering/hunting/transport
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