SCCA Racing sim

  • 2 racing modes
  • mode 1 - just like gran turismo. you have events that are car specific but otherwise the whole game is open
  • it's about how good you are at each race instead of making money to buy the next car
  • mode 2 - just like real life
  • the goal here is to get the player to become attached to their car choice
  • give the player a $200 every 2 weeks
  • modes: autox, nasa, against people, against peoples A.I.(like forza)
  • solo parking lot racing (autox) is $50 to enter a race.
  • rewards are rep and that's it.
  • track solo (nasa) is $100 to enter a race
  • rewards are rep and maybe a cash reward for placing
  • rep : the more rep you have the more likely you will get sponsors.
  • sponsors : they pay based on rep and the number of them you have
  • rep goes down over time, definitely if you are not racing.
  • you may have to drop all the way back down to autox if you are loosing to much or you are just not playing
  • Placing : your not always going to place.
  • there needs to be a bracketing system so you are not competing against 100's or 1000's of people

this approach will hopefully get players to embrace a specific car and try an upgrade it the best they can. they can choose to spend their money on race day and hopefully build their rep until they get sponsors and earn more cash or they can save it and buy a better car or they can spend it on upgrades for the car they have. but they will end up with the car a lot longer than just a few races and it wont be everybody has the best car in the game.

You may choose to stay at a lower level even though you have a good amount of rep and you are earning more than enough money. But you want to stay at a lower level so you can save up money to buy a better car or better parts. Based on the money you are making you can decide if you want to advance to the next mode or not. You can always step back down in modes if you want as well.

Trading in a car, financing a car. Maybe you are pulling in a good amount of money from your sponsors but you aren't going to save up money fast enough so you finance it. interesting…

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