CG Movie Process

“The best time to attack the problem of scope is up front. If you decide halfway through the project that the design is too ambitious, you will throw out man-years of work on material that will never see the light of day. If you limit your scope during the design phase, your artists, programmers, and level designers will have the time to concentrate on quality, not quantity.”

Professional's opinion

Concept Document - Send Link to doc with meeting request - (Tech Lead / 4 hours, Brainstormer)

  • Meeting: Concept review and Staff assignment - (Section Managers / 1 hour)
  • Deliverable: Concept document sent to customer for approval
  • Await customer approval before continuing

Design Document - (Tech Lead / 50% of Life Cycle)

  • Meeting: Design Review - Send Link to doc with meeting request - (Project Team / 1 hour)
  • Populate Tasks within dotProject - (Tech lead / part of the design work)
  • Deliverable: Design document sent to project lead for approval
  • Await project lead approval before continuing

Test Document - (Tech Lead, Tester(s) / 4 hours)

  • Meeting : Finalized Requirements Review (Tech Lead, Tester(s) / 1 hour)
  • Populate Tasks within dotProject - (Tech Lead / 1 hour)

Development (Project Team / 35% of Life Cycle)

Test - Update bugs within dotProject (Independent / 10% of Life Cycle)

Deployment (Tech Lead / 5% of Life Cycle)

Film Production Pipeline

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